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Why TezBooks ?

There are many software solutions available for Accounting and Inventory Management. Most of the popular solutions are using outdated technology and lack the speed, features, and flexibility required by modern businesses. On one hand, we have low-cost entry-level systems, which lack the control required by a small or medium-sized, business, and on the other hand, we have expensive high-end solutions, which lack the flexibility required by smaller organizations.

Tez Books has been designed for Small businesses in India keeping their requirements in mind. It has the right balance of control and flexibility required by SMEs. For larger organizations, we have TezERP, a robust product designed for medium-sized traders, distributors, manufacturers, service providers, and professionals. Tez Books is a sub-set of Tez ERP, with limited features and functionality, provided at considerably lower costs.

Salient features:

  1. Fast, Powerful, and Smart solution designed for SME Traders, Distributors, and Service Providers in India.
  2. Fully secure with SSL encryption, Role-based security, and Audit trail.
  3. Proven cloud-based accounting, inventory, and tax management for Indian Businessmen.
  4. Designed using the latest technology to give a quick response even with large volumes of data.
  5. Generic product that can work across multiple industry verticals.
  6. Supports Multiple Companies, Branches, GST Nos., Departments, and Currencies in a single license.
  7. Easy to use with a very intuitive user interface.
  8. Fully compliant with Indian Accounting System
  9. Configurable Invoices with bar-codes
  10. E-Invoicing and EWay Bills with a single click
  11. Complete Accounting right up to P&L and Balance Sheet
  12. Complete Inventory Management with Bar-Code generation.
  13. Receivable/Payable Management with payment reminders and payment gateway.
  14. Integration Communication with WhatsApp, SMS, and Email for sending automated alerts.
  15. Real-time analytics with graphs and configurable reporting.
  16. MIS alerts to keep you updated

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