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GSTR 2A & 2B are auto-drafted document that act as an Input Tax Credit (ITC) statement for taxpayers. They help in cutting down the time taken to file returns, minimise errors, ease reconciliation and simplify compliance.

ITC ledger information and invoice details are uploaded by your supplier in GSTR 1. The details for your GSTN are automatically populated in your GSTR 2A and 2B statements.

Fetch GSTR-2A / 2B Transactions from GSTN

Reconciling GSTR-2A / 2B statement is easy with Tez Books. You can pull the transactions from the GST Portal via a JSON file or configure the system to pull this information with a single click.

View Reconciled Transactions

Once the GSTR-2A / 2B has been fetched from the GST portal, Tez Books will automatically categorize the transactions as; Fully Matched, Partially Matched, Only in My Data and Only on GST Portal.

Section Description Action
Only in My Data Transactions that are present in Tez Books but are not available in the GSTN are displayed under this tab
Only on GST Portal Transactions that are not present in Tez Books but are available on the GSTN portal. Add Purchase or Add Expense voucherf to create a new transaction in Tez Books and move it to the Matched section.
Partially Matched Transactions in Tez Books that partially match with those populated from the GSTN. This is normally due to difference in transaction date, or rounding off. Match Entry to modify the data in your Tez Books account. This can save a lot of time compared to entering these transactions manually.
Matched Transactions pulled from the GSTN that match with the transactions in Tez Books and the transactions that you’ve matched.

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