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Purchase Management

Tez Books Purchase Management helps in making purchase decisions and maintaining optimum inventory levels. It provides assistance wherever required, giving you a complete view of the purchases for order fulfilment. You can configure your purchase process and take timely decision based on the same.

If inventory management is critical, Tez Books is the right solution. There are times when fulfilment of sales orders becomes difficult, due to non-availability of stocks; this could be from many reasons, including mismanagement of inventory process, manual error, or delay in creating purchase orders. They can all be under your control with Tez Books.

Our software allows you to take informed purchase decisions based on sales orders, indents received from branches, minimum stock (reorder) level, pending purchase orders. System automatically computes the required quantity and creates a purchase order based on last purchase. Of course you could change details, including vendor, quantity and rate, but in most cases this is a great time-saver.


  1. Track real-time inventory of each item across multiple locations
  2. Define Minimum Stock Level (Reorder Level) for each item at each branch/warehouse.
  3. Get automated alerts for stock below the reorder level
  4. Create Purchase Orders (PO) based on stock-in-hand and pending orders.
  5. Configure the system to automatically send PO to vendor
  6. Track pending orders and create Goods Received Note (GRN) from purchase order with a single click
  7. Attach copy of Delivery Note of your supplier to each GRN
  8. Track unbilled GRNs and record bills received against one or more GRN with a single click
  9. Attach copy of the Purchase Bill/Invoice to each purchase voucher
  10. Create Delivery Challan (DC) against GRN for goods returned to vendor before receiving purchase bills.
  11. Create Debit Note from Purchase bills for Goods returned outward.
  12. Track unpaid bills and quickly make payments with connected banking
  13. Configure system to automatically create recurring bills for repeated transactions such as Rent or Maintenance bills
  14. Enjoy better speed, accuracy, visibility, and control in purchase management workflows.
  15. Use Purchase Analytics to analyse purchase trends by vendor, location, item, period etc.
  16. Eliminate the risk of duplicate purchase bills, incorrect payments. Every purchase is tracked from order to payment, with all documents attached to each voucher.
  17. Make informed purchase decisions with all relevant information available whenever you need.

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