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TEZ BooksTM has several features which help you automate your business. It allows you to define communication rules for each transaction and automatically sends relevant messages to the right person at the right time. It aims to make business processes more cost-efficient, streamlined, error-proof, and transparent. By automating the business process in place, companies save time and ensure best practices are implemented to improve overall efficiency.

With TEZ BooksTM, business communication with clients is centralized through an automated communication system. Through automation, transactions are constantly progressing and can be completed more efficiently.

Features of TEZ BooksTM Business Automation:

  1. Saves Time: Automation helps to reduce the labor time in sending out email alerts for Invoices and Payment Follow-ups. It saves time of the staff to complete their daily tasks. This helps them to concentrate on more important and higher priorities.
  2. Reduces Error: A large percentage of document processing mistakes are really user-generated errors. These arise when manually inputting data and can be as simple as inverted numbers or an unforeseen typo. With automation in place for managing documents and transactions, it eliminates such mistakes.
  3. Improved Organization: When you start a new project in terms of orders, sales, purchases, goods received, delivered, and invoiced; the entire process is captured at the point of first data entry and each subsequent process is recorded with the click of a button without having to input the details all over again. Well, that’s as simple as it can get.

Here are 5 tasks that TEZ BooksTM has automated and made easy to handle:

  1. Gateway: Connect your accounting system to Payment Gateway. Your payment gateway link can be included with transaction alerts and reminders. Customers can use this link to make payments using their debit or credit cards, net banking or wallets and the system will automatically create receipts on successful payment.
  2. Receivables: Our software sends automatic alerts to customers before the due date of bills, and bills overdue, You could send multiple SMS and Email alerts to customers and executive before and after the due date of invoices. For Ex. you could configure the system to send 1st alert 5 days before the due date, 2nd alert 3 days before the due date, 3rd alert 1 day before the due date and daily or weekly alerts after bills become due. You could also send additional alerts to the executive and branch manager who is responsible for the transaction.
  3. Post-dated cheques: If your business handles PDCs, reminding customers before the cheque date becomes important. Defining rules for PDCs in hand can ease your pain of reminders. You could configure the software to send an Email alert to the customer 3 days before the cheque date of PDC, and an SMS alert to the customer 2 days before the cheque date. You could also send an Email and SMS alert to the agent/executive so he can speak to the client if required and send an Email alert to the branch manager or accountant so he/she knows about the cheques to be deposited.
  4. Transaction: Configure the system to automatically send SMS/Email Alerts to customers and vendors when orders, proforma invoices, sales invoices, receipts, or payment vouchers are entered. This eliminates the need to download PDFs and send Emails manually.
  5. MIS alerts: Configure the system to send MIS to get for daily sales and collection of each branch. Additionally, branch managers and executives could receive alerts for their sales and collections. You could also enable transaction alerts for management, branch managers or executives for corresponding orders, invoices, and receipts.
  6. Inventory: Get alerts for stock below re-order levels, and other transactions as per pre-defined rules.
  7. Orders: Create purchase orders, sales orders, delivery challans and proforma invoices. All documents are linked to the integrated invoicing system of TEZ BooksTM. It makes it easy to generate invoices on a single click.

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