Track your returns from multiple sources of Lead Generation
and re-invest in the best performing campaigns.

So you have a marketing strategy – a strategy that is dominant of lead generation campaigns. Multiple sources of lead generation – online business directories like Just Dial, Sulekha, Trade India; Digital Ads, social media ads, Emailers, and for that matter trade show participation also brings in leads. And you have a spend allocated on each source. And you have multiple Excel sheets monitoring each source’s effectiveness. And then you collate them to create a marketing presentation for your higher management to get more funds for more campaigns.

What if we tell you that we integrate not only your accounting solutions but also your marketing efforts on just one software – yes, you read it right – One software for all your business needs including marketing source management!

Here’s a brief gyaan on what lead generation campaigns can do to your business:
  • Increases brand visibility on multiple digital platforms
  • Raises brand awareness and recognition to the firm
  • Creates loyalty and trust among the mind of the audience
  • Helps you to build credibility among the potential customers
  • Improves lead generation by generating traffic to your sites
  • Helps your customers to make the decisions regarding purchases more quickly and efficiently
  • Positions your business on the top among the competitors

In reality, the goal of marketing campaigns differs from company to company coupled with what level of business they are at when the drive is kicked off.

Now for the most underlying question –Which of these campaigns are most effective in terms of investments in them – in other words what is your ROMI (Return on Marketing Investments)?

Yes, Excel sheets with advanced formulae are a great tool, but what if we say that we have this automated for you!!

Let us explain the step by step process on how TEZ ERP® software, does this for you:

  • All the campaign sources are recorded separately in your expense account. For eg., Google spend has a separate account
  • The leads generated through each of these sources are tracked separately
  • These leads go through our Sales Automation Funnel (give the link here) which are then qualified, categorized, assigned, followed-up and converted
  • At the end of each tracking flow, your Executive can compare the investment on each lead generated from the source v/s closed sales
  • Your dashboard can give your graphical analysis of source v/s sales
  • The reports help you to make informed decisions on which campaign worked best for you, and you can optimize that particular source

That sounds simple, right? Our software TEZ ERP® helps you in the decisions on investments in the right ad campaign.


One of our clients, who is into a B2B business model used digital marketing intensively to promote his services. He had given blanket approval for a budget on Digital Marketing, and the team used all possible tools in the Digital world to be omnipresent. Though leads were flowing, the team could not report with precision what were the best campaigns they had run.

You see, with the practice of talking to our clients regularly, we understand their challenges and also understand the integrated module in our software that they could optimally put to use but are not doing so. We put our training team to work and trained their marketing team, who were pleasantly surprised to know that the accounting software run by their finance department can help the marketing team also.

With Source Management getting a kickstart in his company, the marketing team could now analyze the source of their leads and the effectiveness of each lead from each source as leads were classified as ‘Win & Lost’ or ‘Hot & Cold’ at the entry-level itself. The team could now analyze the cost per lead from each source, and the final conversion after the campaign was completed.

With this analysis, they were able to direct the blanket budget to the most profitable campaign.

TEZ ERP® - A software that assists you in making the right decisions at the right time through its Business Analytics at all levels and functions. We love to talk more when it’s over a coffee. Call us now. And the coffee is on us.



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